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About Pura Botanica

What is Pura Botanica?

It started with a mission. Founder, Christy Booth, a passionate world traveler, sought to amalgamate the secrets and delights she unearthed around the globe: the healing power of Dead Sea minerals, potent natural fragrances in Provençal markets, the savvy satchels of seasoned travelers, the charm of Chai Wallahs… In each, the inspiration was found for the diverse products that grace the Pura Botanica line. From the start, a purity of ingredients and deliveries was paramount. Pura Botanica’s use of organic asnd natural ingredients, found-in-nature fragrances and holistic formulations that elevate the experience without the use of potentially harmful ingredients has become a hallmark of its commitment to healthy, natural well-being.

Today, Pura Botanica includes an ever-widening line of personal care products and little luxuries – unexpected and exceptional products customers treasure for their ability to provide an unrivaled sensory escape while they complement and enhance an elegant lifestyle. The company was started in the spring of 2009 and is currently based in Lighthouse Point, FL.

“I am always amazed by the spectrum of ingredients and preparations that are indigenous to cultures around the world – and by the global ‘consciousness’ of sourcing close to the earth. Pura Botanica was created to replicate this… to bring the best of organic and sustainably harvested ingredients together in uniquely luxurious products that allow us to transcend the every day for a moment and experience bliss.”

Christy Booth
Pura Botanica Founder

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Pura Botanica

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