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History of Mother’s Day


We all take time on the second Sunday in May every year to honor the special mothers in our lives, but have you ever wondered when this tradition began? The American incarnation of Mother’s Day was created by Anna Jarvis in 1908 and became an official U.S. Holiday in 1914. Jarvis would later denounce the holiday’s commercialization and spent the latter part of her life trying to remove it from the calendar. Mother’s Day traditionally involves presenting mothers with flowers, … READ MORE

Upcoming Events

SPATEC SPRING N. AMERICA – Miami, FL April 26 – 29. Network with Spa and Wellness Industry Decision-Makers. http://www.spatecevents.com/northamerica   SUNFEST – West Palm Beach, FL April 28 – May 3.  Lenny Kravits, Fall Out Boy, BOSTON, more. http://www.sunfest.com/   DERBY DAY AT MIZNER – Boca Raton, FL May 2nd. Ultimate Race Day Party benefits Make-A-Wish Foundation.http://www.derbydayatmizner.com/index.html   ISBN CONFERENCE – Amelia Island, FL May 3 – 5 International SalonSpa Business Network Convention. http://www.salonspanetwork.org/   PREMIERE ORLANDO – Orlando, FL May … READ MORE

Preparing Your Retail Store For Mother’s Day


Mother’s Day is just a month away, what do you have planned to drive sales during this seasonal rush? We’re not talking about chocolates, flowers and perfumes – more like banners, newsletters and Facebook campaigns. Here’s 4 easy ways to help get your business ready for Mothers Day!   1. Design and code a Mother’s Day Email Newsletter; blast it out to strategic partners and customers. 2. Use Social Media to show how your business relates to Mothers. (ie) Run … READ MORE

Makes Moms Happy


Last year we were lucky to help support our local Boys and Girls Club’s “Art with a Heart” program. The experience was absolutely incredible and we’re excited to announce we are able to support this program even more this year. The “Art with a Heart” program was established by Barbara Fedderman, a 15-year veteran with the Boys and Girls Club of Broward County. This is a diversified program that enables kids with an outlet to express themselves positively, while developing … READ MORE

PRESS RELEASE: Pura Botanica Products Featured in ABC’s DANCING WITH THE STARS On-Set Product Lounge

ALL-NATURAL BATH & BEAUTY PRODUCT COMPANY, PURA BOTANICA, WILL PRESENT A CUSTOM “PASSPORT TO BLISS” GIFT SET IN THE ON-SET PRODUCT LOUNGE OF ABC’S DANCING WITH THE STARS. Lighthouse Point, FL— Pura Botanica is excited to announce that the Pura product lines was featured on-set of the hit show, ABC’s DANCING WITH THE STARS. Offering a custom “Passport to Bliss” Gift Set, Pura Botanica included their new Botanic Bath Infusion Singles, the perfect prescription for tired feet and achy muscles. … READ MORE

3 Easy Ways to Naturally Restore


We live in a beautiful world of simplicity and chaos, storms and calm seas, and many other contradictions. To live more fully we need to focus on balance. For all of our active moments, we need to find relaxation. For all of our troubles, we need to find healing. Here are 3 easy ways to focus on restoring yourself physically, emotionally, and mentally: Feed All of Your Senses Our body, mentality, and emotions are all closely tied so it’s important … READ MORE

Pura Botanica is a Proud Sponsor of the Concours d’ Elegance


Community is close to our hearts at Pura Botanica and we’re proud to announce we will be sponsoring the Concours d ‘Elegance in lovely Boca Raton, Florida in support of the Boys & Girls Club of Broward County. Concours d’ Elegance is a three day event celebrating the automobile and the influence it has had upon history. Featuring exotic cars, vintage transportation, private jets, and much more, this event sparks imaginations and creates a playground for travel enthusiasts. More importantly, … READ MORE

It’s a New Year and Time for a New, Rejuvenated You


Each of us find our own way of embracing the New Year. Many, if not most of us, start the year with resolutions to improve ourselves and our lives. Some of us stray away from resolutions because we believe the quest for self-improvement is continuous or maybe that the timeline shouldn’t be annual. Some of us focus on monthly goals, or even daily goals, or maybe cyclical goals like Ben Franklin was famous for. No matter how you approach the … READ MORE

3 Keys to a Stress-Free Holiday Lifestyle

3 Keys to a Stress-Free Holiday Lifestyle

Holidays are filled with times of excitement, love, and unfortunately sometimes stress. If you typically find yourself stressed throughout this time of year, then it’s time to take a step back and prepare for a stress-free holiday. Plan Ahead & Scale Back Staying stress-free often comes down to some simple planning and preparation. First, take a look at your task list and ask yourself “what will happen if I don’t complete this task?” to determine how important each item is. An … READ MORE

Survival Guide To The NPEE 2014 : Recharging In The Evening


Taking a couple minutes to relax after a long day of entertaining potential business opportunities and new product manufacturer’s is essential to making sure you’re recharged and ready to get up and do it again the next morning. After a long day of walking the expo floor and an evening seeing what downtown Baltimore has to offer, soak in a bath with Pura Botanica Botanic Bath Infusions, and let the stress and body aches just fade away. Looking for something … READ MORE

Survival Guide To The NPEE 2014: Where to go in Baltimore


During downtime, there are a number of things you can do in downtown Baltimore to make sure your trip is fun, as well as successful. To start with don’t miss the Harvest Festival on the outside terrace of the convention center on Wednesday, September 17th from 2-6 pm; It’s an eclectic hybrid of a farmers market and trade show, and it opens up the Natural Products East Expo. Also, check out the Baltimore Harbor, which is close by the convention … READ MORE

Survival Guide To The NPEE 2014: At The Show


Now that you are at the show, here are some tips to help Buyers be more successful at the NPEE. Check out the surrounding area near each booth you visit. It’s worth learning about the nearby booths in an area to see if they have similar products, or a product you may be more interested in, or can’t find elsewhere. Many exhibitors help the booths around them and work together to make it a beneficial show for all attending. This … READ MORE

Survival Guide To The NPEE 2014 : What To Bring

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If you are in the Natural Products industry it’s no surprise to you that the Natural Products East Expo (NPEE) is right around the corner and you’re undoubtedly already starting to prepare. As soon as the doors open on Wednesday, September 17, you’re sure to get caught up in the events, speakers, buyers, and education on natural products and the companies there presenting them. Year after year the NPEE proves to be a great event to explore innovative business models and new natural products. … READ MORE

3 Essential Tips for Carefree Travel

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Get Organized The most important thing about worry-free travel is being organized. Start with a packing list and stick to it. But let’s face it, even with lists, most of us usually end up with a suitcase we’re sitting on top of to try and close. Once you have all your items, lay them out on the bed and scrap at least three. You really won’t need that 5th pair of running shorts on your three day vacation, we promise. … READ MORE

Introducing Botanic Bath Infusion Singles


Pura Products is really excited to announce that you can now purchase our Botanic Bath Infusions in singles which make it even easier for you to give the gift of wellness or maintain your own on the go. Our Botanic Bath Infusions are all natural bath therapies that combine restorative mineral sea salts, fragrant herbs and flowers, and healing essential oils. Let us help you choose which ones are right for you.     Want to wash away a long … READ MORE

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