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Back To The Basics


Everyone has a legacy. Everyone has that one thing they want to be remembered for. When a sports figure retires, the world celebrates their efforts in adoration and their name is added to the hall of fame. Wouldn’t it be amazing if everyone could be remembered for something? In a world full of meals that are deep-fried, super-sized and filled with sugar, there is an increased need for a push toward a healthier lifestyle. Role models don’t only come in … READ MORE

Social Makeover

happy employees

Maintaining healthy relationships is a vital component of everyday life. The one thing all people have in common with each other is the desire to be happy about themselves and their current state. There is enough compelling evidence to show that maintaining strong social relationships contributes to a long, healthy and happy life. After countless studies, one of the greatest philosophers of all time, Aristotle, made the conclusion that humans are teleological organisms. What this means is humans will continually … READ MORE

You Are What You Dress


We all know the popular saying, “The clothes make the man”. Well, the same concept goes for women as well. While it is no hidden secret that women love clothes for their figure-enhancing properties, the burning question is, can they really make us more confident? By definition, a wardrobe is a space where clothes are hung and stored, however, to most women it is that sacred place we step into to create ourselves each and every day. It holds memories … READ MORE

The Real Me

green dress

These days it seems as though everyone is focused on physical beauty. Intelligence, personality and status are all perceived by someone’s outward appearance. So where does inner beauty fit into the picture? We have all met people in our lives who are physically beautiful on the outside. But when you get to know their personality and who they are on the inside, if it is not very pleasant, you will probably begin to look at that person in a less … READ MORE

3 Easy Ways to Naturally Restore


We live in a beautiful world of simplicity and chaos, storms and calm seas, and many other contradictions. To live more fully we need to focus on balance. For all of our active moments, we need to find relaxation. For all of our troubles, we need to find healing. Here are 3 easy ways to focus on restoring yourself physically, emotionally, and mentally: Feed All of Your Senses Our body, mentality, and emotions are all closely tied so it’s important … READ MORE

The Key to Chic Comfort


Comfort and ease are key when getting dressed every morning, despite the occasion. No one likes going through the day in painful high heels and a face full of heavy makeup and clunky jewelry. We like wearing clothes that do not limit our physical abilities. You never know when you’ll need to run to catch the bus or pick up a quick cup of Starbucks. Our relationship with yoga pants and flip flops stems from the simple everlasting fact that … READ MORE

Travel Beauty Tips

tsa travel

Whether you are jetting off to the tropics or flying home for the holidays, you always want to make sure you look your best without packing your entire bathroom full of skin, hair and beauty products. With extra airline baggage fees and restrictions on liquids, here are some tips and tricks that will make you more cosmetic and beauty-savvy when it comes to traveling in style. 1) Know Your Essentials What makeup can’t you live without? After performing the same … READ MORE

Summer Hydration Tips

water hydrationg

With summer making its welcome across the nation, thousands of people will soak up the rays and heat over these next few months. In the summer, hydration is especially important. The key to proper hydration has a rather simple solution: drink enough water to stay hydrated. But some may find it difficult, or simply boring, to drink that much water. Hot temperatures and long hours in the heat combined with physical activity can increase the body’s need for water. So … READ MORE

What to Pack for a Summer Getaway

summer travelll

EUROPE Traveling abroad is not as simple as buying a ticket and hopping on a plane. The top priority should always be safety, no matter where you travel and part of staying in an unfamiliar place is dressing to blend in. So, before you get out your suitcase and pack for that European getaway, here are some things you should leave in your closet.  It is wise to dress conservatively in any country abroad, especially those holding deep religious views. … READ MORE

Natural Products Expo East and upcoming events


If you are in the natural products/beauty industry, it will come as no surprise to you that the Natural Products East Expo (NPEE) is right around the corner. As the time quickly approaches, there are certain tips that will make your trip to the show as easy and smooth as possible.  Here is the first part of our Survival Guide from last year that will help you prepare for your experience at NPEE 2015. http://www.puraproducts.com/survival-guide-npee-2014-bring/ Also, here are some upcoming … READ MORE

Father’s Day Beauty


Since most men are uncomfortable with the idea of ‘BEAUTY’ for themselves, emphasis on health and well-being is often the better approach when referencing beauty products and cosmetics. Because men are no longer the only breadwinners and gender roles are beginning to blend, there is a convergence of masculine and feminine ideas in the industry. Women take the more holistic approach when it comes to cosmetics, thinking of their beauty ritual as a long-term investment in their future. Men, on … READ MORE

How to Co-exist With the Vegan in Your Non-Vegan Life


Summer is right around the corner and you never know who you might fall in love with. Let’s say a carni meets a vegan. How will that work? Or let’s say you have a new vegan co-worker or in-law. How do you act? While getting past that first impression stage is always a challenge, these relationships may remain awkward if you don’t know how to co-exist, no matter what the dietary preferences may be. Here are some tips to help … READ MORE

The Art of Relaxed Productivity


The hustle and bustle of today’s hectic and fast paced world has created a lifestyle of multitaskers; leading everyone to become a workaholic. With the aim at increasing productivity and life satisfaction through working, there is compelling evidence that shows slowing down is what actually improves these features, not speeding up. Due to the high levels of stress in modern society, relaxation is rather important. Workaholics must learn to prevent or resolve stressors in their lives as much as possible. … READ MORE

Summer Beauty Tips for 2015

summer beach

Wearing makeup in the hot summer sun can be more trouble than it’s worth! Trying to keep makeup looking fresh in the heat is often difficult because your face perspires and you find yourself constantly having to do touch-ups. Other than going bare-faced, what can be done? There are simple tips and tricks that can be done to keep your face perfectly in place and free from dripping and running. If you’re not one to adopt and embrace the natural … READ MORE

The History of Relaxation


There are 150 new emails waiting in your inbox, you have 3 people on hold at the office because your next conference call starts in exactly five minutes and you just spilt scalding hot coffee on that new pair of work pants. I think it’s time to kick back. When we feel overworked and stressed, sometimes all we need is a few minutes to ourselves to just take it easy and relax. We all know relaxation is an essential part … READ MORE

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